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Crickets / Teleogryllus commodus

ATTENTION - Loose in box - / unless purchased extra smalls. 

Remove from packaging asap - Open courier box with some care over a plastic tub or similar. 

  • Store at room temperature or ideally between 15°C to 25°C.
  • Housing: atleast a 20 litre (a 50 litre tub easily houses 50-100 adult crickets) plastic tub or similar with smooth sides. Crickets can not climb smooth surfaces therefore are easily contained. 
  • Egg cartons for surface area, and a place the insects like to congregate. Also makes for an easy way to collect the crickets when feeding out.
  • Substrate: None. Best without any and avoid damp environments full stop. 
  • Food: Vegetables for hydration and added nutrients. No water is needed but one must always have a source of hydration. Sliced carrot and potato are a favorite and keep it fresh. 
  • Calcium to phosphorus ratio: Lab testing on Insect Direct product in 2013 indicated between 1:4.9 & 1:3.4 Ca:P  

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Black Soldier Fly Larvae / Hermetia illucens

Keep in the compostable container they arrive in for upto 2 weeks with minimal if any care. 

  • Room temp. Note will develop faster in warmer weather. 10 degrees celcius = not much growth vs 20C+ = rapid 
  • Sieve off substrate and or pick out the insects. Optional - rinse with warm water in sieve etc prior to feeding out.  
  • Feed darker grubs first as are more advanced. 
  • If substrate dries out add 2 drops of water. Otherwise if just left for two weeks you should start to see flies emerge. Great frog food.
  • Naturally high in calcium, and lauric acid.

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