Soldier larvae back in stock!!! Generous overcount - sustainable packaging - Sending out Monday & Wednesday weekly.

Frequently asked questions. 


Q: When do you send the crickets?

A: Monday and Wednesday each week so please have orders in by 9am on any given shipping day where possible. If you are a regular client please consider setting up a standing order. You will qualify for 10% discount too. 

Overnight throughout the North Island and 2 days to the South Island. 2-3 days to Rural and Waiheke Island.


Q: How do I keep the crickets alive?

A: Providing fresh vegetables such as carrot or potato is very important if you want your crickets to survive. Please also see the Care page. 


Q: Will there be both male and female crickets in my order?

A: Yes you should always get a mix. If you have time and patience to breed your own then winged are ready to breed and the large are pre-winged almost ready to breed.


Q: Do you supply any other insects?

A: Inzect Direct has streamlined to produce only the best, premium feeding crickets. We are also developing black soldier fly production in New Zealand. 


Q: Do you allow pickups?

A: No - find it's more economical for everyone if all product goes via courier.


Q: Are your crickets fit for human consumption?

A: Not officially at least. Due to regulatory requirements being higher for human consumption. It is however sometimes possible to get an exemption from the animal products act for one off events such as the wild food festivals or even for restaurants etc. 


Q: What are your payment options?

A: Cash to precede delivery on all orders (excluding some trade clients). 


Payment can be made into ANZ account or via Credit & Debit cards using PayPal's secure platform.

Thanks for taking the time to read the above. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me via the contact page